Jinky and Jim’s Baptism Pictures and Stories

Genevieve (left) Began Bible studies with her cousin Jinky and friend Gee while our church building was closed during the quarantine. As soon as our Bible Instructor, William Earnhardt was able to join them he began studying with them as well. Today heaven and earth rejoiced with Genevieve as she watched her cousin Jinky give all of herself to Jesus today because Jesus gave all of himself for her.

Jim contacted Elder Earnhardt, our Bible instructor by using this website. He was raised in the Adventist church but drifted away as a youth. While studying with Elder Earnhardt Jim said he saw the love of God in a powerful way he had never seen before. Today Jim gave all of himself to Jesus because Jesus has given all of himself for Jim.

Jinky is continuing studying her friend as he continues learning more about God’s love. Jim has already become very active in our Wednesday night Bible study group as well as helping with the church landscaping. At the Homosassa SDA Church we are very happy to see our new members take such an active part in our church family.

If you would like to study more about God’s love please contact our Bible Instructor, William Earnhardt at racerthree@gmail.com. You can also contact him on our contact page in the menu.

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