Homosassa Adventist Church 2019 Christmas Newsletter

For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11  

Greetings to all my Homosasa Adventist church family as we all celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! While this last year has brought challenges and even the temporary loss of precious loved ones, I firmly believe through the unfailing love of our Savior it has been a triumphant year. This last year has brought many precious moments and blessings in Christ that I would not trade for anything. I thank God for my Homosassa Adventist Church family. It was an indescribable honor and joy for me to baptize six precious souls in our family last Spring. More than becoming church members they have become disciples for the kingdom of Christ, by finding ways to serve their Savior and church family in various church ministries. Some have moved on beyond Homosassa with Jesus to other places fulfilling the command to take the Gospel unto all the world. 

I was thoroughly blessed by the grand participation in our Daniel and Revelation Seminar. It was a lively study enlightening new believers while strengthening and encouraging seasoned Adventist believers. 

Later we had a Bible Chain referencing class where several of us were equipped and empowered to lead others in Bible studies and gain decisions for Christ. 

Our church is a community church that ministers to both the temporal and spiritual needs of the community. Every first and third Tuesday is a bright spot in my week as we share our bread with our neighbors and as I get to study God’s Word with about 7-15 of our neighbors. A young woman at the food bank has also requested baptism and we will begin studying together as soon as I return from Oklahoma, where I am caring for my dad, who by they way has had a wonderfully successful surgery and recovery. Thank God for all your prayers. 

I have been blessed by being able to occasionally participate in both the Adult Sabbath School, where we have enjoyed going beyond the well written quarterlies and have dug deeper into the Word of God, and regularly with the youth Sabbath School where we are developing life time friendships and getting closer to our best friend Jesus. Our youth Sabbath School is growing by the way. I have been pleased and encouraged with the questions and comments from our young people. I also want to thank the Halsteads, McPhersons, Diane, Wally and others for the time and love they have invested into our young people. 
I have always said, “You can’t tell on Sabbath morning how friendly a church is. You see how friendly a church is during the week.” I want to thank all of you who have welcomed me into your homes after church and even during the week for fellowship and Bible study. And thank you for all the phone, email and texting conversations in between. 

Please let me share with you a few encouraging year end celebration reports from just a few of our ministries. 

Food Pantry : We have wrapped up another very successful year serving our community .Dannie Fisher reports that we Served 927 families this year. These families counted for 1857 adults and 655 children.The number of children served showed a significant  increase this year. We provided 36,081 pounds or 18 tons of food during the 24 times we were open.Total costs of the years operation was $ 8965.00 plus many hours of valuable time that our volunteers provided.

New Shed – Thanks to the generosity of one of the friends of the church we will be replacing the old storage shed with a new one in January.This generous gift covered 1/2 the costs of our new shed.

Youth program- Our young adults  and their activities were the stars of a video show filmed by the Florida conference. The premier showing will be at this years Conference  Camp Meeting .

Musical program-Shirley Shaffer is planning to hold music practice every Thursday at the church.  In addition she has offered to give lessons to anyone who would like to learn the various musical instruments ( piano,flute )time to be announced later.
Vespers Program –  Planned for Saturday Night ,March 14 @ 7:00 Dawn of Hope Musical Ministries. 

Speaker – Elder Machado, president of the Florida Conference  will be our guest speaker during the worship hour on March 21, 2019

Fellowship luncheon- will be changed from the third Sabbath to the fourth Sabbath every month starting in Feb.

While 2019 has seen many spiritual victories and meaningful moments, our God has never been a God of the past. He is the Great I Am. Let’s press on together to even more wonderful moments ahead in 2020. With continued love, prayer and financial support 2020 will be a year no passed year can rival. I am looking forward to all the Lord has in store for us. I am looking forward to being your servant in Christ in 2020 and beyond! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

William Earnhardt

Bible Instructor